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Masurian boat

Maven 30

For those who are focused on practical purposes, we recommend the flat-bottom Maven 30 fishing boat made in single-shell method. This is by far our most popular model. It will also work well as a recreational boat. Robust benches and extremely durable hull will allow you to enjoy its use for many, many years.

Like all our single-shell boats, it is characterised by exceptional durability and stability. In addition, the relatively low weight - compared to double-shell boats - allows easy transport, even without a specially prepared trailer. Despite its low weight the boat is very spacious and allows comfortable fishing for up to 3 people.

Standard equipment:

  • reinforcement motor plate
  • stern locker
  • stainless steel fitting
  • 2x moorings
  • oarlock sockets
  • 2x hinges

Technical data:

Length - 300 cm
Width - 137 cm
Height – 46 cm
Weight - 55 kg

Warranty – 2 years

After prior contact we can produce the above boat prepared for individual needs of the buyer, both in terms of equipment and appearance of the boat.

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